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RANOX manual agitating pressure tank, from small capacity 2L to large capacity 120L, the pressure tank is made of carbon steel or stainless steel. the type has the wheel to release the paint export, flat bottom of the paint export, flat bottom of the paint export, but also according to the customer's Special specifications, 10L or more pressure tanks are attached to the aluminum inner barrel, and stainless steel white iron barrels are also available to provide customer choice.
The biggest advantage of RANOX pressure tank is that the barrels are all one-piece, seamless, and enhance the overall safety, and all pressure tanks production process is consistent with CE directive 2014/68/EU certified. Safety design is strictly controlled and it is deeply and deeply trusted by the country.
RANOX pressure tanks are all produced in Taiwan. We don’t have any other plant outside of Taiwan. Whether you are a wholesaler, an OEM buyer, or a buyer, you are welcome to contact us as long as you have a need for a manual agitating pressure tank!
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