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What Is Paint Tank and Pressure Pot with Bottom Outlet?

Ranox bottom outlet paint tanks and pressure pots are a type of pressurized container designed with an outlet at the bottom. These tanks are used in various industries for the storage and controlled dispensing of liquids, gases, or other substances. Our Paint pressure tanks excel when working with viscous or heavy coatings that can clog standard spray guns. The consistent pressure applied to the paint material ensures it flows smoothly, reducing the likelihood of blockages and downtime.

Why Choose Ranox Bottom Outlet Paint Tanks and Pressure Pots?

The biggest advantage of Ranox paint tanks and pressure pots is that the barrels are all one-piece, seamless, and enhance overall safety, and all pressure barrels production process is consistent with CE, directive 2014/68/EU certified. You can use it together with our automatic paint sprayer and low pressure spray gun.The following are key features of our bottom outlet paint tanks and pressure pots.

Pressure Vessel:The tank is constructed as a pressure vessel, typically made from materials like steel or aluminum that can withstand the pressure generated by the contents.

Bottom Outlet: As the name suggests, these tanks have an outlet at the bottom, allowing for the controlled release or dispensing of the stored substance. This design is especially useful when complete drainage is required.

Pressure Control: Bottom outlet pressure paint pots often have mechanisms or valves to control and adjust the pressure inside the tank. This feature ensures that the substance is dispensed at the desired pressure.

Safety Features: Many pressure tanks are equipped with safety features, including pressure relief valves and pressure gauges, to prevent over-pressurization and monitor the tank's status.

Bottom Outlet Paint Tanks and Pressure Pots Applications

The bottom outlet valve or fitting allows for easy dispensing of the paint or coating. This is useful in situations where a large amount of paint or coating needs to be dispensed quickly and efficiently, and where precise control over the flow and pressure of the coating is important. The following are Ranox bottom outlet paint tanks and pressure pots' main applications.

Chemical Processing: They are commonly employed in chemical processing industries for the controlled handling and dispensing of chemicals during manufacturing processes.

Food and Beverage: In the food and beverage industry, these tanks can be used for the storage and dispensing of liquids like syrups, sauces, and edible oils.

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical companies use them to store and dispense liquids or gases used in drug manufacturing.

Agriculture: Farmers may use bottom outlet pressure tanks for storing and distributing fertilizers, pesticides, and other agricultural chemicals.

Automotive:In automotive applications, these tanks can be used for the storage and controlled dispensing of lubricants and fluids.

Painting and Coating: As mentioned earlier, they can also be used in painting and coating applications to store and dispense paint or other coatings.

Water Treatment: Bottom outlet pressure tanks are used in water treatment plants for the storage and distribution of chemicals involved in the purification process.

Ranox paint tanks and pressure pots are all produced in Taiwan. We don’t have any other plant outside of Taiwan. Whether you are a wholesaler, an OEM buyer, or a buyer, you are welcome to contact us as long as you need automatic spray equipment!

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