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Ranox : Leading Air Spray Gun Suppliers

With the experience of more than 30 years, Ranox keeps manufacturing high-quality air paint spray guns under strict production standards and has been widely favored by many customers. The whole manufacturing process is in Taiwan. As long as there is a demand for the air spray gun, we can assist you.

Benefits of Using Air Paint Spray Guns

By using the air paint spray gun, it is easy to achieve a more even coating because the air spray gun can convert the fluid paint into thousands of tiny, atomized droplets so as to gain higher adhesion on the surface as well as override bumps, gaps, cracks, and other surface imperfections. Compared to using a traditional brush, the surface can be covered in fewer coats and less paint is needed overall, saving time and costs. Usually, it will be used together with the paint pressure tank when you are painting a big surface or area.

What Surfaces Can Air Spray Gun Paint?

You can use Ranox air spray gun to paint on any type of surface or substrates; for example metal, wood, stone, plastic, and glass. Thus, our products are widely used in different applications. If you want to make the finished product has a uniform coating surface and a fine atomization effect, contact Ranox air spray gun suppliers at once!

  • Medium Pressure Spray Gun

    Medium pressure spray guns typically have a larger fluid tip size than conventional spray guns, which allows for a higher volume of coating to be applied at a faster rate. They also have a wider fan pattern, which makes them suitable for covering larger areas with greater accuracy and speed.

  • Mini Air Spray Gun
    Ranox mini spray gun is used for refinsihing small area.

  • HVLP Spray Gun
    The required pressure of Ranox Low Pressure Spray Gun is 1.5 ~ 2 kgs.

  • Ceramic Spray Gun
    Ceramic Spray Gun is used for glazing spray & ceramic spray.

How to adjust pattern size?

Turn the pattern adjusting knob to the right to narrow the spray pattern and to the left to widen the spray pattern.

How to adjust Fluid output?

Turn the fluid adjusting knob to the right to reduce the fluid output and to the left to increase the fluid output.

How to adjust air consumption?

Turn the air adjusting knob to the right to reduce the air volume and to the left to increase the air volume.

How to clean and maintain spray guns?

  • Ensure the material and air supply are disconnected before effecting any work on the spray gun.
  • Clean air cap set with soft brush and flush the gun material passage with a compatible solvent, after each operation.
  • Do not submerge the complete spray gun in solvent.
  • Do not clean air cap set, fluid nozzle, and fluid needle set with metal brush , or the components will be damaged.
  • Fluid needle packing screw should not be tightened completely or the needle will be sluggish.
  • Add lubricant frequently between fluid needle packing screw and fluid needle set.
  • Replace any worn items before continuing to operate the spray gun.
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