Automatic Air Spray Gun

Low Pressure Spray Gun

Low Pressure Spray Gun

Low pressure spray guns suitable for a large area finish. The atomizing air and spray air control are set outside of robot.

Medium Pressure Spray Gun

Medium Pressure Spray Gun

Medium Pressure automatic spray gun atomizes fluid, distributes fluids, and has a high adhesion rate & stable coating.


Automatic Air Spray Gun | Airbrush Gun | Spray Gun Manufacturer - RANOX

RANOX ENTERPRISE INC., since 1981, is an industrial air spray gun manufacturer based in Taiwan.

High performance, efficient and cost-saving, RANOX is specialized in CE and PED certified Automatic Air Spray Gun that can be mounted onto robots and automatic painting equipment. Air spray gun, SUS316 made nozzle and SUS 304 needle, can be ordered with HVLP or medium to low pressure.

RANOX has been offering customers high-quality industrial spray guns and airbrush guns for years, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, RANOX ensures each customer's demands are met.

Automatic Air Spray Gun

Professional Manufacturer of Air agitator, air tools in Taiwan.

Automatic Air spray gun
Automatic Air spray gun


Roxgen’s Automatic Air spray gun widely used in automobiles, airplanes, aerospace technology, yachts, decoration, construction, parts, machinery, cosmetics container, food processing, body painting, model painting, and artistic creation... and so on.

Roxgen Pneumatic Spray Guns:
Nozzle is made of SUS316, needle is made of SUS 304, which create exquisite atomization and pattern and have a longer lifespan. The gun body is made of aluminum. With the experience of more than 30 years, we keep on manufacturing all the spray guns in Taiwan. We do not have any spray guns made other than Taiwan. We require strict production standards.

Whether you are wholesalers, OEM/ODM, as long as there is a demand for the spray gun. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • Upholstery & Building materials spray
  • Automation equipment spray
  • Aerospace Technology spray
  • Furniture manufacturing spray
  • Car, yacht repair spray
  • Industry spray
  • Artistic creation spray
  • Electronic spray
  • Computer shell, mobile phone shell, cosmetic container shell spray
  • Model, ceramic glaze painting spray

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