Company Structure

Company Structure

Professional Manufacturer Of Spray Gun, Pressure Pot Tanks
Professional Manufacturer Of Spray Gun, Pressure Pot Tanks

Business Operation: Provide customers with efficient trading terms.
Ranox attaches importance to professional customers around the world.

Each staff takes care of his order issued by his customers and watches out for the trend of the market and finds out what customers are looking for.

Review the quality of the product with the technical personel and consult the users about the product so as to improve the product to fulfill consumers' needs. Keep an eye on the trend of the market and of the exploration of emerging markets. Ranox will come out with the viable approach, if customer has any problem with the product.

    R & D Department:
    Ranox and Roxgen continue developing the new products and watching out for the market trend. We exert ourselves to upgrade the product quality and help customers increase their business competitiveness.
  1. Advanced hardware, software and expertise to provide professional design.
  2. In a bid to meet the market demand, we develop the air powered paint pressure tanks and spray guns.
  3. Upgrade technology to widen the application of the products.
  4. Make repeatedly tests to ensure the perfect finishing quality.
  5. Reliable afterservice.

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