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Please follow the correct procedure for spray gun clean at all times. If the spray gun is dropped or collided, the spray gun will be damaged.ROXGEN summarizes the possible situations of the spray equipments, and the corrective actions.


  • Clean the spray gun passage with solvent until no paint residuals are found.
  • Dismantle air nozzle and fluid needle after each operation. Be sure to dismantle fluid needle then air nozzle in order.
  • Immerse fluid needle and air nozzle in the solvent then clean the parts with brush.
  • Do not submerge entire spray gun in solvent.
  • Clean the air cap with brush.
  • Dry the cleaned parts and gun body with air duster.
  • Assemble fluid nozzle first, then fluid needle. Reversible assembly may damage fluid nozzle and fluid needle.

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