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Company Profile

Air spray gun, Automatic Air spray gun, Pressure pot tank manufacturer

Automation for Painting, Spray Gun, Precision Paint Spraying Equipment
Automation for Painting, Spray Gun, Precision Paint Spraying Equipment

Quality Guarantee

In view of the increasing demand for high-quality pressure tanks in the coating industry, RANOX's pressure tanks obtained CE certification according to the EU Directive PED 2014/68/EU. It was approved to attaceh the CE mark to pressure tanks.

We have a variety of pressure tanks to choose from, the capacity is from 2L to 120L, the tank body is improve safety. The pressure tank is mainly used to transport liquid and can be used with a spray gun.

Stainless steel pressure tanks are suitable for use with industrial paints, glues, chemicals, solvents with specific procedure, the pressure tank can also be used in food industry.


The nozzle size of the automatic spray gun is from 0.8 to 2.5 mm, customers are extremly satisfied with the high-performance of spraying. Reinventing a higher level of spray equipment for the spray industry with exclusive technology, making it even more widely available to customers. We are constantly developing new series of spray guns to meet the stringent requirements of our customers.

We provide different types of Air agitators, such as clip-on type, lift-type pneumatic stirrer, and Open Drums Pneumatic Stirrers. The blades are divided into nylon and stainless steel, which can be used according to different paint properties. RANOX also has a variety of coating-related equipment, please see the official website for a complete range of products.

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