Applicable Products Include

XAR-11, XAR-22, XAR22L, XER-22, XA-11L, XA-22L, XA-11R, XA-11, XA-22, XA-11H, XA-22H, SA-1, SA-2, SA-1L, and SA-2L

When you have the need to paint automatically and professionally, you must need our paint spray equipment. Let's tell you how to use our automatic painting equipment to finish your work properly. First, spray painting is a painting technique in which a device sprays coating material through the air onto a surface. Through our solution, the automatic spray gun works with the robot arm, which can save time, manpower, consistency of spraying effect, and reduce the chance of manual error. Using ROXGEN air spray guns, when properly adjusted and operated, produce consistent and smooth paint surfaces that cannot be achieved in any other way. The paint guns convert the fluid paint into thousands of tiny, atomized droplets. To do so, the guns have specific components that must work in unison. Their chief advantages are low overspray and a higher adhesion on the surface.

Ranox found that the surface coating and painting industry is rapidly changing to meet environmental and economic pressures. Some of the changes include new formulations that meet environmental regulations, higher performance finishes with improved properties, continued development of solventless technologies, and new application methods with improved transfer efficiencies. To another benefit, automatic coating equipment can reduce environmental pollution and avoid excessive paint suspension in the air, which improves the working space and operator painting process.

Our spray-painting equipment is typically used for covering large surfaces with an even coating of liquid. Spray guns can be either automated or hand-held and have interchangeable heads to allow for different spray patterns. The best combination with automatic spray guns is the pressure pot tank. Automatic spraying equipment with a pressure pot tank can effectively reduce costs. Our pressure tank is explosion-proof. Ranox can provide a suitable automated paint sprayer equipment and stainless-steel pressure tank / iron pressure pot to meet the needs of automatic coating equipment in various industries.

The Followings Are Some Advantages of Using Air Paint Sprayer
Air Paint Spray Guns Allow You To Cover Broad Surfaces Faster And With Less Effort

you Can Imagine That When You Using The Air Spray Guns To Do Painting Work, It Might Be Taken Less Time And Painting Better Than Before.

With automatic painting equipment, you can achieve a more even coating

Quality ROXGEN air pressure spray guns allow you to override bumps, gaps, cracks, and other surface imperfections. Also, detail work is easy with ROXGEN paint sprayers because it is painted in a spray type, the spraying effect is stable, and will not produce intermittent spray surface. The minimum spray area is approximately 55mm, and the maximum is approximately 400mm. It can meet the appearance of different paint surfaces.

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