Applicable Products Include

X-102H, X-202H, XAR-11, XAR-22, XAR-22L, XER-22, XA-11L, XA-22L, XA-11R, XA-11, XA-22, XA-11H, XA-22H, XR-50, XF-50, SA-1, SA-2 and SA-1L, SA-2L

Ranox offers all series coating spray guns and painters pressure pots to support a wide range of clients producing various goods. If it is a custom automatic painting solution you need, we can discuss it with you.

Consumers are purchasing more leather items than ever before, from traditional shoes, boots, bags, belts, wallets, and purses, to protective covers for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. This in turn is driving people’s desire to stand out. Being leather is no longer enough on its own. As a natural material, leather needs to be cared for and protected if it is to last. Exposure to high temperatures and humidity, plus the long-term contact with body oils, perspiration, and acids that occurs with normal use can cause older technologies to fail. The result is cracking, peeling (delamination), and discoloration.

One way to achieve this is through the use of spray paint, a technology that is mainly used to coordinate clothes and accessories to make a high-impact fashion statement.

In response, Ranox now came up with a series of spray-painting solution for boutique processing that uses our latest technology as building blocks. Following highly positive reviews and tests by European customers, we have brought our high-performance spray paint technology to market.

The coating spray gun is strong and corrosion-resistant. Ergonomically designed, the improved bottom center design makes your operation more flexible and reduces wrist fatigue. There are mainly used for spraying primers, clear coatings, single layer primers, finish paint and it is easy to operate, good atomization effect, fine and smooth spray, stable and durable, high efficiency, low energy consumption. Ranox can adjust the appropriate amplitude according to different projects, saving materials.

The Following Features Are ROXGEN Spray Guns and RANOX Pressure Pot Tank Applied in Boutique Processing
Better Finish

Our spray-painting systems give a smooth and even finish, which can withstand wear and tear as well as harmful corrosion. Paint particles in the form of tiny droplets are expelled at pressure to produce a better finish on a variety of surfaces.

Range of Application

Ranox industrial spray painting works with a wide range of liquid materials. It offers a high degree of control and uniform coverage on surfaces such as leather, metal, and ceramic.

Speed and Efficiency

If you are painting a large or uneven surface area, industrial spray painting can cover a large area very quickly. This can reduce the time it takes to do a job, minimizing downtime for your business, as well as reducing the cost of the job.

Using ROXGEN coating spray gun, the atomization effect is meticulous, high efficiency and low paint usage. It can be used with automated equipment to reduce the use of paint, thereby reducing air pollution in the working environment. Ranox application industry services include leather products (such as leather bags, leather shoes), wallets, cosmetic packaging, metal products, vases, ceramic art, models, handicrafts, computers, audio, and other related industries.

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