Air Diaphragm Pump
Product Description
Air Mixerp comes in a variety of sizes and is suitable for many applications. Diaphragm Pumps is highly functional due to its perfect and different design.
Product Introduction


Air Motor 1/3HP(AM-02)
Pressure Ratio 1:1
Transmitting Capacity 5L/Min (0.4kg/cm²)
7.5L/Min (1kg/cm²)
10.5L/min (2kg/cm²)
Used Air Pressure 1~5kg/cm²
Max. Painting Pressure 5kg/cm²
Max. Pump Speed 160times/Min (5kg/cm²)
Min. Pump Speed 80times/Min (0.4kg/cm²)
Horsepower 1/3
Air Cons. 19 S.C.F.M.
Vibration 11m/S2
R.P.M. 2780 rpm
Gear Ratio 1:1
Noise 99db
Product(Mm) 750×390×1000
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