HVLP Spray Gun
Product Description

RANOX’s Low Pressure Spray Gun Low air pressure and air consumption for less paint rebound and strong adhesion. Reduce environmental pollution. Balanced design with ergonomics for better grip and less user hand fatigue.

Precision machined gun body, fluid nozzle, fluid needle and air cap. Durability. Superior atomization and uniform pattern. It can be applied to automobiles, airplanes, aerospace technology, yachts, decoration, architecture, wood products, food processing, primers, high viscosity spray paint, lacquer, machinery, metal products, etc. Quality guarantee.

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacturing spray guns, Ranox low CFM HVLP spray guns have been widely used worldwide. All products are made in Taiwan. We don’t have any other plant outside of Taiwan.

Whether you are wholesalers, OEM, buyer, as long as there is a demand for the spray gun. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


  • PAINT VISCOSITY: 16sec/Ford#4
Product Introduction
Hvlp ModelType of FeedNozzle Orifice Ø Mm (In)Air CapAtomizing Air Pressure Mpa(Bar)Fluid Output Ml/MinAir Consumption L/Min (Cfm)Pattern Width Mm(In)Weight G(Lbs)
X-102L-12P SUCTION 1.2(0.047) LV4 0.2(2.0) 60 200(7.0) 170(6.7) 325(0.71)
X-102L-14P SUCTION 1.4(0.055) LV4 0.2(2.0) 80 200(7.0) 180(7.1) 325(0.71)
X-102L-16P SUCTION 1.6(0.063) LV4 0.2(2.0) 95 200(7.0) 190(7.5) 325(0.71)
X-102L-12G GRAVITY 1.2(0.047) LV4 0.1(1.0) 80 200(7.0) 200(7.9) 325(0.71)
X-102L-14G GRAVITY 1.4(0.055) LV4 0.1(1.0) 130 200(7.0) 220(8.7) 325(0.71)
X-102L-16G GRAVITY 1.6(0.063) LV4 0.13(1.3) 100 240(8.4) 220(8.7) 325(0.71)
X-102L-18G GRAVITY 1.8(0.071) LV4 0.13(1.3) 120 240(8.4) 210(8.3) 325(0.71)
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