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What Is a Spray Gun Cup?

A paint gun cup is a container that holds the material (such as paint or coating) to be sprayed. There are different types of spray gun cups that can be used with spray guns, including gravity feed cups, suction feed cups, and pressure feed cups.

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Spray Gun Cup Types and Differences

Gravity feed cups, as the name suggests, rely on gravity to feed the material into the spray gun. They are mounted on top of the spray gun and the material flows down into the gun due to the force of gravity. Gravity feed cups are popular paint gun cups because they provide better control and less overspray compared to other types.

Suction feed cups, on the other hand, are mounted at the bottom of the spray gun. This type of cup is useful for spraying large areas.

In Ranox spray gun cup manufacturers, pressure feed cups are also available, which use a separate air supply to pressurize the material in the cup and force it through the spray gun. This type of spray gun cups works for spraying thick or heavy materials.

How to Choose Ideal Paint Gun Cups?

The size of the paint gun cups used with a spray gun will depend on the type of material being sprayed and the size of the spray area. Larger paint gun cups are generally used for larger spray areas or for spraying with large volumes of material, while smaller spray gun cups are suitable for smaller spray area or for more precise spraying. It is important to choose the appropriate spray gun cups for your spray purpose. Properly clean and maintain the cup to ensure optimal performance and durability.

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