Service Process

Ranox OEM process provides production, assembly, and finished packaging, pre-done services, and high-speed delivery to start your own brand. As an established partner in the spray-painting industry, we have developed a rich experience while doing relative product applications. For example, we acknowledge the least trends and needs of several markets. As consequence, we move forward with the current trends and offer services through our OEM process. And have fast delivery capabilities and stable supply capabilities to maintain long-term cooperation with customers.

In today’s market demands speed and flexibility, we can ensure that the product you are getting is exclusive, durable, trustful since it represents your own values. We create consistency during our OEM process. The following is our OEM process:

  • Consultation
    Confirm the communication before the customer places the order, evaluate the feasibility of product customization. And formally receive the order.
  • Production
    Stable quality and focus on product safety.
  • Delivery
    Provide fast domestic and international delivery and reliable after-sales service.

We provide not only standard products but also custom and OEM service for customers, all the manufacturing processes are well organized with the extensive experiences. As a leading brand of professional spraying equipment, Ranox has accumulated rich experience in the spraying industry and is constantly absorbing new knowledge to manufacture good spraying products.

In the past years, we have delivered various solutions worldwide. We offer various industry solutions, such as automatic spray-painting equipment solutions, building decoration solutions, industrial solutions, and more in Europe, America, Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, Middle East, and other regions. With a wide technology base and decades of experiences, we are confident to generate a competitive solution in a short cycle time matching specific requests covering different kinds of applications and power ranges.

The spraying effect is highly stable and will not produce an intermittent spray surface. The minimum spray area is approximately 55mm, and the maximum is approximately 400mm. It can meet the appearance of different paint surfaces. The manual spray gun has a good grip and it is easy to press the spray gun.

Automatic spray gun with automatic equipment can reduce labor cost, spraying error is small, the spraying surface is meticulous, the paint surface is strong, paint rebound is small, and environmental pollution can be reduced.

For the pressure pot tank, when we are making the pressure pot tank, the safety of the user has been taken into consideration, and the barrel body of one-piece molding is used. The material is made of general iron or 304 stainless steel for users to choose from. We attach importance to the manufacturing process of all parts, and the quality of each part will affect the spraying effect and safety of the pressure tank.

Based in Taiwan, Ranox commits to keep making effort on customer satisfaction. We especially emphasize quality management to ensure our product safety and reliability. We are open-minded to know all customers’ requirements and we are very willing to include all customers’ needs into our service packages to enlarge the scope of business for increasing customer satisfactions.

From production, testing, and packaging. The entire spray gun manufacturing process has undergone rigorous monitoring to ensure the production quality of each link. Quality control techniques are implemented during the actual construction of each physical deliverable, it is at the heart of our success and customers, it is integrated into every step of the order’s fulfillment, good quality control helps to meet customer demands for better products.

As a manufacturer of spray equipment, Ranox is committed to operating the spray industry. Ranox has realized that good customer relationship is at the heart of great customer service. Whether you are interacting with a long-term client or a first-time buyer, developing a strong partnership is an important part of building good customer relationships. Welcome to contact us to get more information.

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