Applicable Products Include

X-102, X-102L, X-202, X-202L, X-402, and X-402L

Using a pressure feed spray gun is a quick and efficient way to paint for building decoration, such as indoor wood decoration spray painting, furniture repair, exterior wall painting, painting project, exterior wall painting, 3D painting, and interior space painting. In the air spray, the fast-moving and high-pressure liquid stream provide the energy necessary to overcome the fluid’s viscosity and surface tension to form a fine spray. The manual air spray gun is highly mobile and can change the spraying direction at any time. It applies paint in a light directional mist that leaves an even finish without brush marks or dimples. A thinner and more uniform coverage of paint is applied compared to using a traditional brush and roller, so the surface can be covered in fewer coats and less paint is needed overall. In our building decoration solution, we provide all kinds of manual air spray guns, air agitator mixers, and air agitating pressure tanks.

For Ranox air agitator mixer, it can help the paint in the barrel to be uniform without precipitation, and it can also stir the colloidal liquid. Using paint material by customers, the air agitator with a variety of types of chucks and blades, durable materials, solid, stable, and complete after-sales services.

For Ranox air paint pressure pot, a small pressure paint tank, such as a 2-liter pressure tank is connected to the spray gun, which can make it convenient for painters to use the spray paint at any time, or those who use a lot of paint can choose a pressure tank of 10 liters or more for use. Our material pressure tanks are made of carbon steel or stainless steel and are formed in one piece. As the paint pressure tank is seamless, you can be sure of the tank's safety. The capacities are available in: 2, 4, 10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 liters.

Mention products above are suitable for furniture, wood ceilings, and other decorations. The handle of the ROXGEN air paint sprayer gun is ergonomic, which can solve the fatigue of construction workers who need to hold the coating spray gun for a long time. Provide customers with different work environments, strict production process standards, pressure tanks are consistent with CE, directive 2014/68/EU certified.

The Followings Are Some Advantages of Air Pressure Paint Guns Equipment Applied in Building Decoration
Faster Speed

A study shows that spraying is up to four times faster than brushing or rolling, enabling more jobs completed in less time, and reducing labor costs. In building decoration, Ranox sprayer can play a good partner to do the wall spray, furniture spray, and ceiling spray.

High Quality

The air pressure paint gun produces an even coating of paint on all types of surfaces, leaving a high-quality finish. Faster and more quality finish paint can make you earn the customers' satisfactions.

Great Flexibility

Ranox air pressure paint gun has two types: manual and automatic, which are also used for a wide range of coating materials, including interior and exterior jobs, and are easily to use from job site to job site.

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