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Spray coating provides rust and corrosion resistance to parts or components. It extends the life of a product both functionally and aesthetically. Also, it reduces product contamination, which is required in the industrial industry. Various industries benefit from the coating. The coating on industrial products with our air gun sprayer and an industrial pressure pot, which enhances the finish coat protection and look. Before choosing a particular finish for material, some important factors must be considered. These include the finished impact and material cost. However, when you use an air gun sprayer can solve these problems because spray paint offers fast application, even coating, and little waste. Therefore, our equipment is magnified on a large-scale to apply in industrial applications.

When you need the coating or spraying on the panel, the computer case, plastic case, even on the glass and metal material, Ranox can provide all kinds of air gun sprayer series and all kinds of pressure pot tank with agitator series and spray tank pot without mixer series products for you. Both manual and automatic spray guns can be used in any industry. ROXGEN spray guns have high stability and strong paint coverage, for use with paint pressure tanks, they can be effectively used in various industries. There are also environmentally friendly spray guns.

ROXGEN air spray guns are equipment that can spray paint or varnish using air pressure in order to apply it or spread it on a surface. These guns can be used to paint on any types of surfaces or substrates, such as metal, wood, stone, and porcelain, plastic, and glass. Achieve high-quality results with even paint coverage across our entire lineup of industrial paint air spray gun. We strive to consistently exceed our customers’ expectations, whether it is ensuring product quality, delivering products on time, or finding innovative solutions for unique applications. For the vast majority of industrial finishing jobs, it is essential to use the products we offer. Simply, it is the option that is the best in price and production speed.

The Following Features are Ranox Paint Spray Gun and Paint Sprayer Pressure Pot Applied in Industrial
Lightweight and Ergonomic

Handheld models fit any finishing application, such as light industry and die casting application or material requirements.

Save Time and Production Costs

The spray of coating happens when the paint is applied to an object through the compressed air gun. Through this technology, you can reduce the paint use, and takes less time to finish coating work.

If you are painting a large surface area such as a commercial floor, ceiling or roller door, industrial spray painting can cover a large area, very quickly. This can reduce the time it takes to do a job, minimizing downtime for your business, as well as reducing the cost of the job.

Discover a diverse selection of industrial spray guns and applications that offer the solutions you need. Whatever you are producing, from computer panels to toy to furniture, ROXGEN paint spray guns provide high-speed, precision application and optimal accuracy to ensure cost-efficient and quality manufacturing.

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