Applicable Products Include

X-102 / 202 / 402, W-71, X-102H, X-202H, X-102L, X-202L, and X-402L

Automotive refinish coating is an integral part of the automotive industry. The transportation coatings industry continuously progressing to provide advanced technologies and Ranox has developed suitable painting tools for the coatings industry. Apart from the appearance of vehicles, automotive coatings play an important role in the protection of the metal surfaces of vehicles from rust and other damage. Our spray-painting product solutions address the ongoing and demanding trends and drivers in the automotive and transportation coatings markets.

Through technological advancements, we continue to improve with advancements in pain spray guns and coating spray system for the automotive industry. Ranox is developing spray painting technologies that allow great atomization and uniformed pattern for spraying on vehicle panel, which can also save time.

With stricter environmental regulations and industry efforts to improve environmental performance, we also put a significant focus on the development of low-pressure coatings equipment that minimizes waste and reduces airborne emissions. Ranox provides the low-pressure spray guns, ceramic spray guns, and air ceramic spray guns. It can meet the spraying process requirements of the automotive industry.

The Following Features Are the Advantages of Using Ranox Painting Equipment in Transportation
Superior Application Properties

Effectively coat primers and paint materials on the fuselage. It is suitable for large-area spraying and repairing inside and outside of vehicles. The transportation solutions can be applied to automobiles, airplanes, yachts, high-speed railways, MRTs, trains, bicycles industry, etc.

Ranox provides the low-pressure gravity feed spray guns, ceramic spray guns, and air ceramic spray guns. Search the product number to learn more, X-102L/X202L/402L/ X-102H/X-202H.

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