Product Description

RANOX's Economic pressure pot tank is made of cover steel, ranging from small capacity 2L to large capacity 120L. The specifications can be customized according to customer's requirements, mainly divided into manual type (with stirrer), economy type, pneumatic type (with stirrer).

The liquid display pressure tank, the pressure barrel above 10L are all attached to the aluminum inner barrel, and the stainless steel white iron inner barrel is also available for customers to choose. We offer professional Pressure Tank which meets the requirements of every industry with its varied applications and superior quality.

Economical pressure tank, can be filled with liquid or gelatinous liquid, suitable for technology, electronics, interior decoration, building materials spraying, furniture manufacturing spraying, car, yacht repair spraying, can be equipped with automation equipment or manual spraying Equipment to improve work efficiency.


  • LITER: 10L
  • WORK PRESSURE: 4.1bar / 60psi
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